This is the story of Dov

Loving husband to Shiri. Devoted father to three beautiful children.

Spirited #Cancerman.

Four years ago, Dov was hit with a Renal and Lymphoma diagnosis that shook him and his family to their core-- thus beginning the strenuous battle against cancer.

Like any superhero story, a major war ensued. The battles in this war have included hospitalizations, kidney removal, difficult surgeries, nauseating radiation therapy and other chemotherapy symptoms earning him the title of “Cancerman”.

The cancer has since metastasized to his spine and lungs. In an effort to stop the disease from spreading, parts of Dov’s spine have been removed and replaced with metal rods.

The surgery has left Cancerman in a desperate state where he is unable to hold his son, play catch with his daughters or hug his wife. 

Still, hope lives on and Cancerman continues the brutal fight. 
When you buy a shirt, you are supporting Dov’s family in their challenging journey. 

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